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We have been in the antique business for thirty six years and deal in the common and the uncommon.  A new find, around every corner, and something that has been loved for years.  Something that has been passed down for years and may be passed down to you to enjoy.  We refinish your treasures so that you can use them in your home.

I started the business in 1970 as a refinishing shop.  After a few months I added glassware, china, silver, pictures and clocks.  This is what evolved to be the main business.  I still did refinishing but found that the other part of the business really kept me busy.  After relocating two times, I decided that I would go into a mall in Kalama.  A new look and less contact with the customers.  With my other job, I was happy to slow down.  I have found a partner and we are going to be refinishing a lot more furniture that the mall space would hold.  So we decided to open our own shop.  This gives use contact with our customers, the kind of look that we want and more control of our business.  We also control how we want to run our business. So come on in. We our currently 1,750sq.ft. And growing. 



We deal in high quality antique and collectibles and try not to deal in anything after 1930.  Our collection is wide spread and deal in items that are not made anymore. It is like coming into your great grandmothers or grandmothers house.  Beautiful collectibles and antiques. if you like buying off the internet you can buy from us with confidence.  If you like to touch and see what you are buying our shop is where you want to go. Deal with a dealer that can answer your question and give you some history of the item. If you want the unusual; we are the shop to visit.



If you are looking for: Art, Pottery, Lighting, Glass, Art Glass, Furniture, Sterling Silver, Kitchenware's, Clocks, Oddities and more, come on in.           


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